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Master Class Rates

Without a doubt, this is the best value for every dollar spent!

Master Class Rates

Value For Money

Each Master Class comes at its own price and its own respective value.  There are obvious costs to bring in some of the best talent available ranging from transportation costs, lodging costs and so on.  With that in mind, Master Classes are priced at a rate that is truly as affordable as we can make it.  How do we do this?  With each Master Class we host, we pre-book as many tickets as possible in advance so that the participants respectively share the cost of bringing in the guest at the lowest and most affordable possible rate.  Our desire is to make top talents not only accessible for you, but also affordable as well. 

A Ballpark Cost:
Tickets for the most part can range from $15 to upwards of $250 for different Masters Class teachers, however; we guarantee that at any price, you will find our Masters Classes to be worth more than every penny spent!  Where else can you get an intimate learning environment with some of the best talent our region and world has to offer?

Once you express interest in a class, we will keep you posted as to when a class will be booked and what the anticipated cost will be.  There is never any obligation to participate when you express interest in a class.  Once you have confirmed your participation for a Master’s Class, we will then send a final confirmation of date and venue.  At that time, money will finally exchange hands so that we can bring your requested talent in. 

Venues will range from small intimate room environments, to medium size hauls with a decent reception area.  At-all-times we will do our best to keep class sizes small as to continue to ensure intimacy in our environments.  If necessary, it is always best in our opinion to run many smaller Master’s Classes than one large Masters Class.

Now is your time to cast your vote on the class you would like to see run or even suggest to us a guest that you would like to see us bring in.  We will respond in kind with our findings. 

See you at the next Master Class.

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