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About Spaulding Master Classes

Reach for the stars and connect with one!

About Spaulding Master Classes

Reach for the stars master class

Spaulding Master Classes is a unique result of decades of hard work.  While building a large and very respected art school in Simcoe County, the Spaulding Management Team gained the attention of extra-ordinary industry professionals; talents ranging from Ontario, California, New York and abroad.

It simply makes sense that the top rated educator in Central Ontario would combine forces with the top performing professionals in the industry, but why keep these amazing relationships all to ourselves.  We believe in giving to our community in the same way that they have given so much to us.  As a thank you, we have taken the liberty of creating a Masters Class program where top talents are made accessible to the larger public in Simcoe County and abroad. 

Students and professionals from within each Spaulding School Division, as well as, the community at large are invited to participate in an intimate training environment that features some of the many extra-ordinary relationships we have built over the years. 

Spaulding Master Classes come as a thank you to you, our community for making what we do possible while continuing to vote us the best school in Central Ontario. 

We look forward to hosting our next Master Class for you!

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