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Our Vision

Dream Big and Achieve Greatness!

Our Vision

Master Class Vision

The Spaulding Schools have always been driven by a very large vision.  Our award winning status is only the beginning.  Bringing world-class talent and attention to Central Ontario is the start of something even greater!  It is our hope that through our Master Classes we can continue to raise the standard of not only education in Central Ontario, but also raise the standard of performance and the caliber of the performer in Central Ontario. 

By continuing to bring the top talents to Central Ontario, we will not only continue to put Central Ontario on the International map, but also impact our world through empowering artists in Simcoe County and the world (via online classes) to achieve new heights.

Through our knowledge, our expertise and our passion we will continue to positively impact lives in positive ways, and we are glad that you have chosen to join us for our Master Classes.

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